SubEuro patent

US Patent Office Approval

Europlaz Technologies Ltd, developer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices and disposable medical/surgical equipment, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has deemed the patent application for SubEuro in order for issue.


What is SubEuro?

SubEuro is an improved form of dosage dispensing canister for the sublingual (under the tongue) spray of reformulated drug(s), containing a previously approved drug substance with a particular focus on niche therapeutic areas.

The sublingual canister is already advancing into Phase I pharmacokinetic study and patents are already granted for UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Canada. The device is available for licensing worldwide on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

‘The sublingual route of drug administration is a rapidly expanding area due to its many proven benefits. Having a patent in the US is a great step forward for the SubEuro product. We have a number of companies already interested in licensing the device and this validation allows us to expand our scope.’ Eddie O’Keeffe CEO Europlaz Technologies Ltd.


Sublingual delivery is an especially appropriate option whenever:

The active substance is absorbed through the oral mucosa;

The first pass effect results in the breakdown of a large per cent of the active ingredient;

Rapid onset of action is essential, or at least desired;

The presence of nausea and vomiting makes oral ingestion difficult or unpleasant.

Dosage and administration needs to be closely monitored e.g. for drug-dependent patients

For People with difficulty swallowing

For throat and oral cancer patients who often experience swelling in the mouth and neck

The device design incorporates a plume spray delivery mechanism. Plume spray delivery does not require the holding of the treatment under the tongue for an extended period of time. This makes it particularly suitable for fragile/debilitated patients, children and those requiring drug administrations under supervision. The administration of Sufentanil via the sublingual route can reduce the amount of active substance required to achieve pain relief.

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