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Medical Device Prototyping Procedure

Medical Device Prototyping Procedure

At Europlaz we use the latest design technology to provide advanced surfacing and fully integrated manufacturing applications. Our aim is to improve effectiveness when it comes to medical product prototyping, saving you time and costs by minimising design revisions and lead times. This process runs the full gamut from initial designs to proof of concept and validation.

To do this, we make use of a leading medical equipment manufacturing site complete with over 15,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art cleanrooms as well as advanced medical injection moulding assembly lines. We also undertake regular particulate monitoring to ensure our facilities maintain first-class standards and adhere to strict ISO 14644-1 Class 7 requirements.


Medical device R&D

Medical Device Development

Our in-house design team assist your medical device development in the medical device prototyping process and continuously assess your product to ensure we are utilising the most efficient manufacturing processes.

This is done by:

Polymer selection: suitability to meet client specifications and suggestions on alternatives to existing materials.

Mould flow analysis: fast track suggestions on improving mouldability.

Find out more about the benefits of medical device prototyping and how Europlaz adopts this approach here.

Manufacturing Medical Device Prototypes

Europlaz adopts a rapid prototyping model manufacture, by means of:

  • Stereolithography, SLA & SLS
  • High-speed CNC machining
  • Vacuum casting (polyurethane)
  • Vacuum forming
  • Prototype mould tool design, aluminium or steel.
  • Single or multi-cavity mould tool design, including hot runner systems and robotics, where required.
  • Design assessment of existing tools, with suggestions to improve or extend tool longevity.

These tools allow for quick development and faster turnaround for testing and deciding on what medical device prototype works best for your needs. Additionally, this approach ensures that everything from speed and complexity to cost and materials are considered before manufacturing begins.

Medical Device Prototyping
Medical Device Prototyping

3D Printing for Medical Product Prototypes

Having a representative prototype of your medical device at an early stage in the development process provides insight into design features, tactility, function and can eliminate costly errors encountered further in the design process. We can provide this to you through a full 3D printing service for the production of medical device prototypes, fixtures, jigs and mock-ups.

We also offer a full suite of materials, from rubber through to metal, to help bring your medical product prototype to life and find ways to shorten lead times.

As this service is provided to our clients as part of a complete project, you will benefit from the same expertise working on the 3D prints as those working on a full-scale production, giving the benefit of ensuring the 3D samples are compatible with planned future manufacturing methods. This ensures that every step from design to packaging and regulation is managed under one roof. Contact us now to find out more, and get started on your next project.

About Europlaz

Since 1970 we have built a reputation for innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

We use our experience and state-of-the-art technology to streamline all stages of the medical device manufacturing process for you – moving your product quickly and safely through development, and speeding up regulatory approval of medical devices.

Our UK-based ISO 13485 certified and FDA-compliant facility means that we have complete control of the process, from under one roof. We are flexible, and resourceful, and can take on projects of any size. Our clients range from small start-ups to international blue chip medical device suppliers.

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Medical Device 3PL

Assisting with the entire logistic process from manufacturing, storage, picking to shipping.

Renting R&D Space

For clients who are undertaking advanced stage R&D work and require our facilities and services.


Understand our Ethylene Oxide, Gamma and Auto Clave sterilisation process.

Risk Management

Providing you with a risk management plan to ensure all risks are identified, managed and mitigated.

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