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POCT Device Assembly and Test Kit Fulfilment

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POCT Device Assembly and Test Kit Fulfilment

Point of care testing (POCT) devices and medical kits are indispensable in supporting rapid diagnosis and helping healthcare professionals deliver immediate results. As such, a quick turnaround of reliable products is crucial not only for better patient care but also for streamlining diagnosis, reducing the load on hospitals and reliance on more invasive testing methods.

At Europlaz we understand the value of these devices and specialise in the assembly and fulfilment of POCT devices and regulatory compliant (eg UN 3373, PI650) medical sample collection kits. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical sector, ensuring that every product we assemble, package, and validate is ready to support health practitioners and at-home testers alike.

Emphasising Quality in POCT and Testing Kit Assembly and Fulfilment

The efficacy of POCT devices and other kits is linked to the reliability of their components. This relationship directly affects performance in real-world medical settings. To meet these needs POCT has to adhere to regulations, employ materials fit for purpose, and be produced with tight control to build trust with clients and ensure their efficacy.

At Europlaz we emphasise the quality of both product and process combining cutting-edge techniques and decades of experience in medical device assembly, packaging, and rollout.

Available as an all-in-one service, we make use of our agile facilities equipped with semi-automated, high-throughput assembly lines, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each kit we assemble. These dedicated assembly and packaging areas are all controlled and monitored by our Quality Department.

This commitment to accuracy ensures a high level of efficiency as well as significantly reduced risk of human error and contamination – a vital consideration in the highly regulated medical industry.

Our practises are also underscored by strict adherence to regulatory standards, including FDA registration, IVD, ISO 13485 certification and cGMP-compliant facilities. These comprehensive regulatory compliance guarantees that every POCT and test kit we assemble meets the rigorous demands of healthcare providers and patients.

24/7 Semi-Automated Assembly Potential for POCT Campaigns

Our facilities are central to this success with our bespoke semi-automated assembly lines enabling us to quickly adapt to the varying needs of our clients’ projects. This is in large part due to our advanced machinery and expert manufacturing team who have experience setting up, running, and overseeing test kit production lines.

Our automated processes speed up the assembly, packaging, and validation process to turn around products quickly while reducing risks. Our controlled manufacturing environment further ensures the integrity of each kit, minimising contamination risks, enhancing overall safety, and ensuring your product meets the needs of your industry.

Furthermore, our kit assembly and fulfilment services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all POCT and medical test kit needs should the need occur.

This service is particularly beneficial for large group testing or clinical trials, where our ability to scale up production allows for faster response and rollout times. To find out more about our practices and how we can help you please feel free to book a meeting with our team today. Our team will take you through all of our capabilities and experiences in the world of medical devices and learn more about your exact requirements.

Europlaz’s Strategic Approach to Test Kit Fulfilment Services

Along with speed and quality, utilising automated processes with our stringent oversight allows us to achieve accuracy and cost-effectiveness, and ensure each kit is assembled, packed, and validated with complete quality control and minimal waste. Our monitoring systems also track production for complete traceability, real-time stock reporting, and expiry date management to maintain the integrity of each POCT device from assembly to delivery.

Customised Solutions for Diverse Needs

This combination of advanced machinery, experienced manufacturing teams, and our dedication to every project makes us the perfect partner for you, no matter your requirements. Whether your project involves diagnostic testing, or any other type of medical kit fulfilment, our experienced in-house engineering teams are equipped to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

To this end, we can support a wide range of test kit needs including:

Health screening, drug and alcohol test kits, sexual health checks, clinical trial testing, food and water testing, disease control measures and more.

Partner with Europlaz Today

Europlaz Technologies is your trusted partner in the fulfilment of POCT devices and medical test kits. With our experience assembling point-of-care devices and over-the-counter self-tests along with a system designed to your needs, we are perfectly placed to help you with your next diagnostics device fulfilment project.

To explore how our capabilities can enhance your diagnostic device and fulfilment processes, please contact us today.

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