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TIVA: Total Intravenous Anaesthesia Sets


Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) Sets

Total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) is a technique of general anaesthesia which uses a combination of agents given exclusively by the intravenous route without the use of inhalation agents (Gas Anaesthesia).

Why use TIVA?

Intravenous (IV) anaesthesia has several advantages over inhalational anaesthetics:

  •  A faster/ cleaner recovery for short cases.
  • Less post-operative nausea and vomiting.
  • Less contamination from greenhouse gases than inhalational anaesthetics.
  • No risk of malignant hyperthermia.

Why choose Tivatek?

Tivatek is Europlaz’s own TIVA range. You can find out more information by visiting our dedicated Tivatek website.

“Tivatek offers all the benefits of the competition but at a more competitive price.” NHS Consultant Anaesthetist Burton NHS Trust.

Absolute focus on creating a gold standard in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia, TIVA

Our motivation is to create an advanced range of TIVA products following guidelines from the Safe Anaesthesia Liason Group (2009). We pride ourselves on exceptional manufacturing standards for a range of TIVA sets you can rely on.

We aim to offer an all in one solution to make delivery of TIVA as safe as possible.

Recommendations for Guaranteeing Drug Delivery in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia by the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG), October 2009.


Tivatek Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the Tivatek range which is manufactured in the UK.


High flow distal Codan valve (up to 280 mL/min) and anti-siphon valves (to prevent free-flow and back-flow) for the syringe pumps included.


Microbore tubing used in all Tivatek kits ensures a low priming volume and reduces drug wastage.


Anti-kink bridge as additional safety feature.


High specification non-kink tubing offers a reduced risk of occlusion – even with several tight knots in the infusion line, drugs continue to run at flow rates set.

Find out more about Tivatek in the following video


One Way Valve

Using a one-way valve on the intravenous line.

It is suggested a one-way valve is used on the IV fluid port when multi-lumen IV connectors are used. All Tivatek sets include a high flow, one-way Codan valve on the widebore gravity line. All valves are 100% leak tested.

The site of the cannula must be monitored throughout the procedure

Disconnection of the infusion or displacement of the cannula can go unnoticed so cannula sites should be visually checked at regular intervals as a practical and simple risk reduction. Tivalok is an optional addition to Tivatek sets and provides an additional visual aid and added safety from disconnection.


Organisations should ensure all one-way valves purchased are clearly labelled

Tivatek sets are delivered as a complete, sterile kit so there is no need to purchase an additional one-way valve or multi-lumen/Y connector. This ensures all appropriate and necessary equipment is set up, ready for use. All products are labelled clearly for intended use.

Variants Available

There are 3 different variants available: 2-way, 3-way and 4-way.

2-way variants: Designed for Hydration prior to procedure or to provide an alternate cannula site. The Tivatek 2-way I.V. set can be used for single drug sedation or delivery of opioid analgesic agents.

3-way variants: The latest advancements in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia require multiple drug/fluid access. The Tivatek 3-way TIVA sets have been designed to safely and efficiently meet the needs of top anaesthetists.

4-way variants: There is a demand for multiple infusions into one cannula, especially in ITU, HDU and Critical Care. Tivatek has created a 4-way set to allow up to three modular syringe-pumps plus a gravity feed to be connected to one cannula. This solution is very neat and comes at a competitive price compared to standard extension lines. Ideal for procedures where muscle relaxants, inotropes and insulin are administered or for neuro, cardiac or maxillofacial procedures.

You can find out more information by downloading the Tivatek brochure and current product list.


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