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Sublingual Drug Delivery Device

sublingual drug delivery

Sublingual Drug Delivery Device

Europlaz has developed SubEuro®, a single-use dosage dispensing canister for the sublingual spray of reformulated drug(s) in conjunction with a UK pharma company.

Sublingual delivery enhances drugs being delivered to the body without the need for injection as the mucosal membrane under the tongue allows direct access to the bloodstream.

Find out more about the key features and see the product in action, all in the video below.

Key Features of the Sublingual Drug Delivery Device

  • Single, non-reusable dispensing canister
  • The canister is tamper proof and disassembly resistant
  • 6 parts to the device
  • Made entirely made of non-metal material
  • Simple to use with only 3 operational steps
  • Device History File available
  • Manufactured in class 7 cleanroom by Europlaz Technologies
  • High volume production available
sublingual drug delivery
sublingual drug delivery

Available for Licencing and Branding

SubEuro product – a sterilised, single-use device made entirely from a recyclable plastic.

Patents – granted for UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Canada. A patent is pending in the USA and Japan.

Proof of concept – The device has been used in proof of concept and clinical trials and was labelled outstanding.

Licencing is available worldwide on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis for therapeutic drug delivery.

Own branding and customisable options are available.

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