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Anaesthetic syringe system

A novel single use, sterile, dental Local Anaesthetic syringe system

Hambley Trading Limited is a company established to develop and manufacture the SINCRO, a novel single use, sterile, dental Local Anaesthetic syringe system.

The product is based upon the IP originally provided by Dr Leonard Spofforth, a retired NHS dental surgeon who saw the disadvantages of current products and went on to design a device to overcome these.

Dental Local Anaesthetic [LA] is provided in a variety of pre-filled cartridges, or carpules, which are fitted into a dental syringe and activated and expressed via a sterile needle. In multi-use syringes the dental needle can cause needle-stick injuries in fitting and dismantling, [essential prior to decontamination]. In current commercial single-use syringes safety mechanisms fall short of the current regulatory requirements. The SINCRO anaesthetic syringe system addresses all these shortfalls and is the only system that meets all current regulatory guidelines and works with all LA carpule designs and sizes.

Why Europlaz

“After a selection process involving several manufacturers, Europlaz were selected due to their UK base and their cooperative attitude when working with the Hambley product development.

Europlaz and their in-house design team have made the development of the SINCRO possible by their ability to provide feedback on the possibilities within production for the various iterations of the product through to the current final design, which operates differently from initial conceptual forms but now meets the criteria of the regulatory requirements more fully.”

Anaesthetic syringe system
Anaesthetic syringe system

Product Development

The initial device was envisaged as a 2-part system, like a syringe, but production was not possible due to production and core-pin constraints. Also, the initial design was to work with a specific style of LA carpule.

“By working with Europlaz we were able to produce a product that worked with all styles of carpule and also respond to the changes in regulatory demands which happened throughout the design time-period.”

“Our ambitions for the product would not have happened without Europlaz’s input.”


“The internal design consultants of Europlaz enabled the delivery of our ambitions for the product which would not have happened without their input.

We elected to use Europlaz to take us through the final design and testing phases because of their ability to work with our small business and based upon the ideal volume production runs required for the product.

Hambley Trading Limited have found Europlaz to be professional and competent and extremely flexible in their approach which was ideal for our business. As a small company [with big ambitions] this was an essential part of the cooperation we needed, and we would encourage others to work with Europlaz.

Europlaz have a wealth of experience in aiding companies with the design and manufacture of CE marked devices. As a small company we found this extremely helpful, especially in the design stages, and in helping to make the ideas we had for our product a reality.”

Anaesthetic syringe system

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