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Inhaler development: SiDD


SiDD (Systemic Inhaled Delivery Device) by Senzer

The SiDD device is a patient friendly and easy-to-use breath-operated inhaler. Designed for speed and efficiency, the device uses pressure to generate a vapour for inhalation. The proven and proprietary design is underpinned by over 330 granted patents and design rights worldwide and has received multiple top global design awards. The device is designed to deliver a range of pharmaceutical molecules quickly, safely and effectively.

Senzer is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and licences innovative respiratory devices designed to deliver a range of pharmaceutical molecules, including cannabinoids, safely and effectively.

The Solution

This unique inhalation platform delivers significant advantages over oral delivery including a very rapid onset of action, low drug metabolism and high bioavailability.

There is no heat, no smell and no combustion. The technology provides effective systemic drug delivery with comparable speed to IV and enhanced bioavailability compared to oral with >50% of Cmax achieved in under 2 minutes in pharmacokinetic testing of the technology.


Europlaz’s Involvement

Europlaz was involved with the following:

  • Development of a suite of injection moulding tools including micro and overmould injection moulding tooling.
  • Design and development of a low volume manual assembly line.
  • Scale up of assembly line to 2 semi-automated production lines for high volume manufacture.
  • Pilot phase production to support product testing and clinical trials.
  • Commercial production.
  • Support and partnership in gaining CE certification for the device with SGS.
  • All associated activities for work undertaken such as tooling and assembly line design, risk assessment and quality reviews.

The device contains many complex small parts in an array of materials which require specific assembly process steps and testing. A few of the mouldings required mouldflow analysis and detailed metrology inspection to produce verified tooling capable of manufacturing the parts. Furthermore, during the build of the first manual assembly line, large quantities of sample products were required to be built and tested to refine the assembly process.

“If you require a flexible but highly focused manufacturing partner, then Europlaz are an ideal choice.”


“We chose Europlaz based on several reasons. The highest importance was location, we were particularly keen on having a UK manufacturing partner due to the frequency of visits that are required for a product this complex. Being located within two hours of our London office was an additional bonus.

Other key areas were the capabilities of Europlaz and its suppliers, the experience of its team and that we received good references from previous customers of theirs.

If you require a flexible but highly focused manufacturing partner, then Europlaz are an ideal choice. They have the relevant experience and facilities to help take a design through to pilot phase production and into commercialisation.

Since engaging with Europlaz in late 2016 we have been impressed in the way they have delivered our complex device. There have been many challenges that were overcome through a close working relationship and skill sharing.

Additionally, their intelligent approach to solving challenges has resulted in a quicker development programme.”

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