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Autoinjector Device


A Complex and User-Friendly Injection Device

This medical, pre-filled Autoinjector kit holds two individually sealed syringe cartridges. Also included is a pen device used to automatically inject one dose of medicine from each syringe cartridge.

The Autoinjector device is designed for use with 1-mg to 6-mg prefilled syringe cartridges. The pre-filled injector will inject a dose just below the skin quickly and painlessly. With this device, the needle penetrates approximately 6 mm for subcutaneous delivery.

At Europlaz, we are able to manufacture and distribute up to 1 million injection devices per year across our cleanrooms all of which are maintained to ISO class-7 standards. This advancement, combined with our more than 50 years of experience manufacturing injection moulded medical products, makes us the best partner for developing and rolling out your autoinjector device project.

Autoinjector Specification


Key Capabilities of the Injection Device

This injection device has over 15 separate components making it complex to mould and assemble. As a result, it can be difficult to automate and manufacture safely without the right facilities. At Europlaz, all plastic components are injection moulded within ISO class 7 cleanrooms for direct delivery to a dedicated production cell within a medical assembly cleanroom.

  • The grey and blue carrying case is used for storing the unloaded Pen and the Cartridge Pack when they are not being used.
  • The Cartridge Pack holds 2 individually sealed Syringe Cartridges.
  • The Pen is used to automatically inject 1 dose of medicine from a Syringe Cartridge.
auto injector

How Patients use the Autoinjector Device

The Autoinjector device has been designed and manufactured with ease of use in mind.

  1. Open the lid of the Carry Case. The case will already have 2 Syringe Cartridges inside.
  2. Tear off one of the tamper-evident seals.
  3. Open the lid over the Syringe Cartridge.
  4. Hold the pen by the ridges at the top. Take the pen out of the Carrying Case. Check to make sure the white Priming Rod is not sticking out from the lower end of the Pen. If it is sticking out, put the Pen back into the Carrying Case and press down firmly until you feel it click. Take the pen out of the Carrying Case.
  5. Put the Pen in the open Cartridge Pack. Turn it clockwise until it will not turn anymore.
  6. Hold the loaded Pen by the ridges and pull it straight out.
  7. The Pen is now ready to use. Do not put the loaded Pen back into the Carrying Case as this will damage the needle.

Injecting with the Autoinjector

Without pushing the Blue Button, press the loaded Pen firmly against the skin so that the grey part of the barrel slides against the blue part, until it cannot be pressed any further. Make sure the grey part of the barrel stays in contact with the blue part that holds the Syringe cartridge. This releases the Safety Catch that keeps the Pen from giving your injection by mistake or until you are ready.

  1. With the Pen still pressed firmly against the skin, push the Blue Button.
  2. Hold the Pen still for at least 5 seconds against the skin.
  3. After 5 seconds, carefully take the Pen away from your skin.
  4. Push the Pen down into the empty side of the Cartridge Pack as far as it will go.
  5. Turn the Pen counterclockwise until it is released from the Syringe Cartridge.
  6. Pull the empty Pen out of the Cartridge Pack and close the lid.
  7. Put the Pen back into the Carrying Case and press it down firmly until you feel it click. Close the Carrying Case lid.
  8. After both Syringe Cartridges have been used, take the Cartridge Pack out of the Carrying Case and dispose of accordingly.
  9. Insert a new Cartridge Pack.


auto injector

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