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Europlaz contributes to the fight against COVID-19

COVID19 products

Europlaz contributes to the fight against COVID-19

As organisations around the world race to find solutions to combat COVID-19, Europlaz continues to act and deliver on its mission to help the ongoing fight against the pandemic. We’ve been working on producing three different COVID19 products with different clients and we are proud of the role we’re playing.


Europlaz partners with not-for-profit organisation Testing for All to manufacture  COVID19 products

In Great Britain alone, the cost of stress amounts to over £5.2bn a year and businesses face staff absences, replacement recruitment costs, lost production and increasing accidents. Unsurprisingly in the wake of Covid-19, stress and disruption is mounting.  According to the CIPD survey conducted by YouGov, more than two-fifths of UK workers were anxious about returning to work following the coronavirus outbreak.


Although testing employees for antigens or antibodies is not a legal requirement, it can support a more normal pattern of work for reluctant or vulnerable staff members searching for some form of reassurance as businesses adapt their ‘back to work’ strategies. That’s why Europlaz moved fast to support Testing for All – the initiative developed to provide UK workers with affordable and accessible Coronavirus testing that can reveal results within a few days.


Using our expertise and high-quality manufacturing, we assembled the test kits for Testing for All in our Class 7 Cleanroom. Our in-depth understanding of quality and regulatory control of medical device manufacturing was a significant factor in Testing for All’s decision to work with us, as well as our impressive QMS system and our Cleanroom environment.


James Monico, the co-founder of Testing for All, said,   “As soon as we met the Europlaz team, we knew we would work well together and they would be the best partner for us. Their knowledge and expertise in assembling complex medical products, as well as their understanding of regulatory requirements and their excellent on-site facilities make them an ideal business to work with.”


We were able to move quickly for Testing for All, progressing rapidly from an initial enquiry from the organisation to a signed contract – in the space of just five days. Testing will remain crucial as lockdowns around the UK ebb and flow and employees face re-entry anxiety, and we’ll continue to support Testing for All throughout the outbreak.


Europlaz works alongside Edinburgh Genetics to deliver COVID19 test kits around the world

In March, we collaborated with Edinburgh Genetics to manufacture antibody test kits designed as a simple to use, finger prick test. We also supported Edinburgh Genetics with the donation of over 500 test kits to Autism Anglia to help autistic people and their families navigate this trying time.


Edinburgh Genetics initially looked to manufacture and distribute the kits; however, the experts in life science research and IVD equipment realised the project required the necessary technical skills and medical manufacturing experience.  After visiting several science parks and starting discussions with one or two manufacturing companies, Edinburgh Genetics contacted Europlaz and arranged a visit to our site, meeting key members of the team. We won the contract based on our capabilities, focus on quality and state of the art Class 7 cleanroom facilities.


Alasdair Young, Director of Edinburgh Genetics, said, “As a young company, we’ve found Europlaz’s technical expertise and its understanding of both supply chain management and the manufacturing process to be invaluable. Europlaz has been very flexible and able to accommodate all of our requirements when production of the test kits needed to increase. It’s been a very positive and productive partnership.”


The antibody test kits were manufactured at the beginning of May, and with our guidance, Edinburgh Genetics were able to distribute these COVID19 products around the world despite complex regulatory requirements.


Europlaz supports patients in Intensive Care Units by manufacturing COVID19 products

In March, it was estimated that 30% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients would require critical care, and 250,000 subsequent deaths in the UK would arise from a shortage of ventilators.   Consequently, attaining a sufficient supply of respirators to treat patients was a critical focus for NHS hospitals battling the peak of the outbreak.   However, as cases soared it became evident that more than a quarter of COVID-19 patients on ventilators develop acute kidney injury (AKI), which requires renal support in the form of dialysis.   This high incidence rate led to the grave realisation that a severe shortage of dialysis machines could occur.


In response, we began working with a partner company to manufacture component parts for dialysis machines for the NHS. This partnership with Quanta Dialysis Technologies actually started about 9 years ago, when we supported the company through the design and development phases to bring new dialysis technology to launch.


In response to this life-threatening issue of supply and demand, we adjusted our plans to ensure we could manufacture the high-quality consumables required to connect dialysis machines to patients.  This included introducing a dedicated night shift to make sure that enough products were manufactured promptly and met the requirements of Quanta Dialysis.


Using our specialism in manufacturing single-use plastic components for medical devices and technical expertise in injection moulding and heat welding, the first dialysis machines were delivered to the NHS in May.  The ICU teams found them remarkably intuitive and easy to use, and the machines have treated many patients effectively in hospitals around the UK.


Given the impact of contracting COVID-19 can last up to three months, it is predicted that tens of thousands of people who became infected with the virus might need dialysis treatment in the coming months.  As the search for a vaccine continues and winter approaches, we will continue to work with our partners, to meet demand and help the fight against COVID-19 where we can.


If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact us today.


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