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Drug Delivery Device Contract Manufacturing: A Guide

Drug delivery device manufacturing

Drug Delivery Device Contract Manufacturing: A Guide

Drug delivery devices are integral to enhancing patient care and treatment efficacy through device design. As a medical device contract manufacturer with decades of experience developing and designing drug delivery systems, we’ve discovered that effective design and manufacturing are key to reliability and trust, two key areas for any new drug delivery device entering the market.

As such we have used our expertise to support clients bringing products to market and created a range of products for medical use including autoinjector kits, the SubEuro® sublingual drug delivery device, and Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) sets among many others. To help understand the diversity of this industry along with why choosing a reliable medical device contract manufacturer is so important, we’ve created this guide.

The Diverse Drug Delivery Industry

Medical systems are always improving with new and innovative ways to test and treat patients. This outlook has allowed the drug delivery market to grow exponentially with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22% by 2029. This growth means there is more demand, and thus more room to develop novel systems and introduce more reliable and effective medical devices.

These systems are often broken down into different delivery methods.

Parenteral Drug Delivery Systems

The parenteral route, a long-established method in drug administration, is most often used in emergency care as well as everyday treatment. These systems introduce drugs directly into the bloodstream which allows for faster absorption and effect. This speed is often vital in time-critical situations or applications where you need to circumvent oral routes. Some of the most common applications include insulin, vaccines, antibiotics, and analgesics.

Topical Drug Delivery Systems

Topical drug delivery is a technique focused on localised treatment, involving the application of medication directly onto the skin or problem area. This method is specifically designed to target particular areas, facilitating treatment of localised sites and diffusion to deeper tissues.

By minimising exposure, it enhances the effectiveness of the treatment for localised conditions, providing a more tailored therapeutic approach. Some of the most common products for topical use are creams, gels, and nasal sprays.

Inhaler Drug Delivery Systems

Finally, there are inhaler-based delivery systems. These are particularly designed for respiratory conditions, administering medication directly to the airways. By delivering the medication directly to the required area, inhalers offer an efficient and focused method of treatment and can be especially beneficial for respiratory ailments. These products usually consist of nebulisers, pressurised metered-dose inhalers (pMDI), and dry-powder inhalers (DPI).

With this understanding of application, it’s easy to see how regular, reliable drug delivery, and an understanding of the best method, are key to ensuring the safety of patients as well as effective treatment. We offer a completed medical device development service to help meet these demands and provide our customers with a manufacturing process that meets all regulatory requirements.

Europlaz’s Proficiency in Drug Delivery Devices

Europlaz’s expertise encompasses a wide array of drug delivery devices, each tailored to meet specific medical needs. We have worked with a range of clients from global companies to SMEs to develop drug delivery devices across a wide spectrum. These include:

Topical Drug Delivery Devices: Our range includes inhalers, designed for precise, localised treatment.

Inhalation Drug Delivery Devices: Specialising in metered-dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, and nebulisers, each ensuring optimal treatment efficacy for respiratory conditions.

Parenteral Drug Delivery Systems: Our portfolio features, insulin pens, and autoinjectors all crafted for swift and accurate drug administration.

Within these categories, we can assist with a complete turnkey solution or are just supplementing your internal capabilities with part design and production of your drug delivery device.

Our flexibility and expertise in plastic injection moulded parts, sub-assemblies and finished medical devices add to these capabilities and make us the perfect partner for any medical device development, life science research, or product rollout.

Our team also manages every aspect from the specification of the tooling, through to samples, validation, and batch production for clinical trials or clinical use.

What Sets Us Apart

At Europlaz, we go beyond the traditional role of a contract manufacturer, working instead as a collaborative partner in drug delivery device innovation. Our involvement covers every aspect from the initial concept development to large-scale production, underlining our comprehensive approach to drug delivery device solutions.

Our unmatched expertise in the contract manufacturing of drug delivery devices, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, makes us the ideal choice for your next medical device project. Contact us today to find out more about the drug delivery device manufacturing services.



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