Experience in Diagnostic Devices

Europlaz provides contract manufacturing services for medical diagnostic equipment and instrumentation. Our expertise in clinical/laboratory, tissue and self-diagnostic devices allows us to deliver products manufactured to the highest standards.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including development, moulding, assembly, high-speed automation, and final packaging for your diagnostic device. Our dedicated manufacturing team works to minimise risk, lower costs, and establish a robust process at every stage of the operation.

Despite the most popular diagnostic devices belonging to the point of care (POC) category and the existence of pregnancy and glucose over-the-counter self-tests, the wide range of diagnostic devices includes highly sophisticated DNA technology. This category includes reagents, calibrators, control materials, kits and related instruments.

diagnostic device
diagnostic device

Bringing your Diagnostic Device to Market

Whilst outsourcing the contract manufacturing of diagnostic devices includes product development through to commercial manufacturing, Europlaz assists in the whole process, starting from device design for manufacturing assessment and packaging development all the way to market delivery. Europlaz’s expansive regulatory and industry experience and established processes helps to ensure smooth transitions over market challenges and needs.

What’s more we are certified to manufacture In Vitro Diagnostic Devices (IVDD).


Types of Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic devices encompass a wide range of medical equipment and tools designed to identify, monitor, or confirm the presence of medical conditions, diseases, or abnormalities.

These devices play a crucial role in healthcare by aiding in the early detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of various health conditions.

Diagnostic devices are categorised into several main groups based on their intended use and the types of medical information they provide.

Much of our work in the diagnostic device market falls under confidentially agreements.

However, opposite are some common categories of diagnostic devices that we can help manufacture components and parts for. Scroll through the images for a complete list.

To find out more about our services, or how we can help you develop your diagnostic device with tried and trusted contract manufacturing, please contact us today.

Manufacturing components for:

Clinical Chemistry Analysers

These machines analyse blood and other bodily fluids to measure a wide range of parameters, such as glucose, cholesterol, electrolytes, and enzymes.

Manufacturing components for:

Haematology Analysers

These devices are used to analyse blood samples for parameters like haemoglobin levels, white blood cell counts, and platelet counts.

Manufacturing components for:

Microbiology Devices

Includes devices used to culture and identify microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, from various samples, including blood, urine, and tissue.

Manufacturing components for:

Molecular Diagnostic Devices

Used for detecting specific DNA, RNA, or protein markers, often associated with genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer.

Manufacturing components for:

Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Devices

Portable, handheld, or benchtop devices used for immediate on-site diagnostic testing. Examples include glucose meters and rapid strep tests.

Manufacturing components for:

In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Devices

These encompass a wide range of diagnostic tests and equipment used to analyse samples outside the body. They can include ELISA assays, PCR machines, and immunodiagnostic tests.

Manufacturing components for:

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices

Used to examine and diagnose eye conditions, including devices for measuring intraocular pressure and retinal imaging.

Manufacturing components for:

Dermatology Diagnostic Tools

Includes tools such as dermatoscopes for examining skin lesions and moles.

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About Europlaz

Since 1970 we have built a reputation for innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

We use our experience and state-of-the-art technology to streamline all stages of the medical device manufacturing process for you – moving your product quickly and safely through development, and speeding up regulatory approval of medical devices.

Our UK-based ISO 13485 certified and FDA-compliant facility means that we have complete control of the process, from under one roof. We are flexible, and resourceful, and can take on projects of any size. Our clients range from small start-ups to international blue chip medical device suppliers.

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